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Sharp angle rectangular tubeProduct Details
Sharp angle rectangular tube

Rectangular tube, that is, rectangular tube. Rectangular tube is a kind of hollow long steel, also known as flat tube, flat square tube or square flat tube (as the name suggests). When the bending and torsional strength are the same, the weight is light, so it is widely used to manufacture mechanical parts and engineering structures.

There are two main production methods of rectangular tube, namely cold rolling and hot rolling. Rectangular tube hot rolling is made of hot rolled strip rolled by process treatment. Cold drawn or cold rolled precision rectangular tube. Cold rolled rectangular tube is a cold drawn or cold rolled precision rectangular tube with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish for mechanical structure and hydraulic equipment.

Cold drawn rectangular tube, as the starting material, uses a hot rolled coil. When in use, it is first absorbed by an acid and the above oxide scale, and then cold rolled, so that the hardness and strength of the cold rolled steel tube can be improved, but the toughness will decrease slightly. Therefore, this will lead to the reduction of performance during stamping, and the production of cold-rolled rectangular tube can only be a simple deformed parts manufacturer. Cold rolling, continuous annealing process. Square tube, the production quality of cold rolling, as well as the surface appearance, and the size of the above accuracy is better than that of hot-rolled rectangular tube, and the thickness is much thinner, so it has always been loved by many manufacturers. On the other hand, many industries have been widely used.

Many defects of square tube are caused in perforation, so the perforation process of tube blank is the key process of producing square tube. The main difficulty of perforation of high alloy lies in the low perforation performance. In order to ensure the quality, it is necessary to rationally select the deformation parameters of perforation. Small compression will cause instability in the perforation process, so when the critical compression is small, the plug should be in the front, and the compression is generally set at about 7%, otherwise it will not bite, or even increase the movement or get stuck in the front. The increase of compression in front of the plug will also form a hole cavity and sink the defects in it. Therefore, if you want to overcome the problem, the tube blank should be centered, and the empty depth of centering should be compared according to other steel grades.

Hot rolled rectangular tube, continuous casting billet and blooming plate are used as raw materials, and then pass through the heating furnace, even in the use of high-pressure water, the removal of surface phosphorus, and then use the roughing mill. The roughing mill is mainly cut off on the rectangular tube at the head and tail, and then in the pipeline, and then fed to the finishing mill for computer-controlled precision rolling. After the square tube is cooled by laminar flow, it is rolled by coiler and then curled. However, when re crimped, the thickness often appears, as well as some error in accuracy. This is no different from the edge is also prone to defects. Then curl again, trim the cutting head after straightening treatment, and then ensure the thickness and accuracy of the rectangular tube.

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